Tutorials, Worksheets, Comprehension Practice and More!

Step Up In Physics provides online learning resources for ATAR Physics Unit 1 and 2 for year 11 students (A work in progress) and ATAR Physics Unit 3 and 4 for year 12 students studying in Western Australia. The main focus is you, the student, are in control of the pace the content is delivered at. If you have ever missed a class or just wished you could slow down the pace at which the explanations are given, then Step Up In Physics is for you. The video tutorials, worksheets and comprehension practice will help you to maximize your potential in these units of study.

  • Video tutorials

    • Teaches understanding, not just memorizing problems
    • Worked examples
    • Test and exam advice for avoiding common mistakes
  • Worksheets

    • All questions are exam quality
    • Mixture of calculation and theory based
    • All solutions included, with explanations for calculation based problems
    • A printer friendly version of the worksheet is available for all chapters
  • Comprehension practice

    • Practice reading and writing answers for the comprehension section of the exams


“This website has made me into a much better Physics student. In the last test I got 92% thanks to your material! Thank you so much!”  – Mitchell, Perth Modern

“I used Step Up Physics a lot in year 12 and I would not have done as well as I did without it. I loved your videos on Torque, Power transmission, Standard model etc. I loved how you explain things so clearly that I remembered them when I was sitting the exams.”   -Napatra, Mount Lawley Senior High School

“I’m from a high school in WA, and your videos have helped me tremendously with understanding the concepts involved in Physics.”   – Zahraa, Aranmore Catholic College

“Thanks to you my Physics grade has improved dramatically from year 11 to 12. Your videos are just so clear and surprisingly entertaining.”   -Charlene, Woodvale Secondary College

“This website is an awesome tool that I have found extremely useful.”   -Nathan, Lesmurdie Senior High School

“I want to say how blessed and happy I am to have used the amazing Step Up In Physics videos during year 12. Thank-you so much! Your videos made it easy to understand the hard concepts behind the nature of physics.”   -Leodaskm, Sevenoaks Senior College

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