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to the guide on the side

Let us handle the grunt work

Student learning is most effective when the teacher keeps them in the zone of proximal development. Doing this with a large number of students in a class is a challenge – every student works at a different pace. ATAR courses are jam packed with content and time is tight. There is just no way to deliver the content to the class at a pace that meets everyones needs.

Circles highlighting Vygotsky's zone of proximinal development.

With our help, you can get back the time you need to improve student understanding of your subject matter. Let us handle the chalk and talk. Students don’t need to be in a classroom with their peers to watch, listen and take notes. They can do this individually, at home, and with the benefit of video, do so at their own pace – pause, rewind, watch again.

Get off the stage at the front of the classroom and get among your students during class time. Help them with practice problems, conduct an investigation, facilitate a discussion. Students need your expertise when trying to apply the content, after the chalk and talk. Guide them from the side, keeping them in the zone of proximinal development and accelerate their learning.

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