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How AI may make or break education in 2023

ChatGPT, an AI language model, will impact students and teachers in 2023 The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in education has suddenly become increasingly important. ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI will having a huge impact on the way students learn and teachers assess – whether this is for better or worse is …

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Assessment keywords; the easy way to improve your answers

Identifying keywords in test and exam questions helps you understand what the question is asking for and what kind of information or response is expected. Keywords like “state,” “describe,” and “compare” indicate the type of answer required and guide you in organising and presenting the intended answer.

The best note-taking methods

What are note-taking methods? As covered in a previous article, research shows active note-taking improves memory and understanding of a topic. In comparison, receiving notes in the form of printed material or trying to write down notes in a verbatim style were shown to be less effective. The best note-taking methods promote active note-taking which …

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Using flashcards is a great way to study

Flashcards are flashier than you think Flashcards are an easy way to be more active during your study sessions. Active study is more effective at retaining and understanding new information, as described in the introduction to this series. It’s about studying smarter, not harder. That said, using flashcards the right way will make the study …

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The best study techniques

Life is easy as a sponge, but it’s not a legitimate study technique To get better test results requires studying smarter, not harder; by “harder” I mean putting in more hours and by “smarter” I mean using techniques that turn subject specific knowledge into long term understanding. The highest achieving students don’t have more time …

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