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Effective study techniques are something that can be learned, and when done properly, will improve performance in tests and exams.

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Over 100 hours of teacher produced video tutorials for ATAR subjects in Science and Mathematics. Pause, rewind and rewatch to never miss an important step in the learning journey.

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Go into semester and WACE exams with confidence after practicing questions that match the rigour and difficulty of these exams – complete with detailed solutions.

Recent Articles

Assessment Tips

Assessment keywords; the easy way to improve your answers

Identifying keywords in test and exam questions helps you understand what the question is asking for and what kind of information or response is expected. Keywords like “state,” “describe,” and “compare” indicate the type of answer required and guide you in organising and presenting the intended answer.

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Active Study Techniques

The best note-taking methods

What are note-taking methods? As covered in a previous article, research shows active note-taking improves memory and understanding of a topic. In comparison, receiving notes

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We have video tutorials and practice problems with detailed worked solutions for Science and Mathematics ATAR subjects.

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